The GLTRG committee seeks to promote tourism and leisure research through engaging stakeholders and driving progressive research agendas.


Dr Jan Mosedale (HTW Chur, Switzerland), Chair

Jan currently works as a Senior Researcher in the Institute of Tourism and Leisure Research at the University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur, Switzerland.

His research interests are based on the interstices between the Economy-Culture-Nature, in particular in tourism and mobility. From a theoretical perspective he combines elements from political economy, cultural economic approaches and political ecology and views 'the' economy as multiple forms of economic and cultural practices linked to aspects of nature.


Dr Tiffany Low (Aberystwyth), Secretary

Tiffany is a Lecturer in Tourism Marketing as Aberystwyth University in Wales, UK. Prior to becoming Secretary, Tiffany served as a Post-Graduate Representative for the GLTRG from 2010 - 2012. Her research interests are in luxury branding, ethical consumption practices, values constructs and sustainable tourism development. Her research in these areas has drawn on work in the fields of human geography, specifically mobilities of the super-rich, as well as from psychology, marketing and tourism. Tiffany's research interests associated with sustainability have recently seen her named as co-editor on The Encyclopaedia of Sustainable Tourism (CABI, 2015) and has allowed her to extend her research interests into the field of adventure recreation and risk perceptions.

Dr Jo-Anne Lester (Brighton), Treasurer

Dr Jo-Anne Lester is Principal Lecturer in Tourism Studies. Prior to entering education, she gained considerable operational experience in tour operating and on cruise ships.

Her research interests encompass visuality and tourism, the relationship between travel and photography, visual methodologies including the multisensory nature of the visual, and the consumption of tourist space with a particular interest in popular film as visual data. Her PhD investigated the architecture of cruise ships and their uniqueness as spaces of both work and leisure as mediated through popular film.